Seattle Trip
Posted on June 15th, 2012

I was in Seattle about a week ago.  Here’s the post.  I just went for the day so I didn’t get to see much.  But I did see the Space Needle,  Pikes Place Market, and the waterfall garden.  When I got to Seattle I took the Light Link Rail from the airport to Downtown Seattle.  It cost 2.50 for a round trip ticket.

I’ll have to say the security on the train was pretty lax nobody even checked.  I got off a few blocks from Pikes Place Market.

12 - 25

I stayed there for a bit didn’t stay very long but it seemed pretty cool.  I walked from there to the Space Needle and it was kind of a hike, but it wasn’t too bad.

Space Needle

Around the bottom of the Space Needle there was all kind of cool sculptures and other stuff.

Space Needle Sculpture

I waited in line for about 20 minutes to pay $20 to get a ticket.  Then I had about another 20 minute wait to get on an elevator.  Once I was at the top the view was pretty good.

12 - 3

There wasn’t a whole lot to look at up there that you couldn’t see from the ground.  But I guess it was worth it to say I’ve been to the top.  I went back down and got some lunch at Subway of all places.  Then walked back to Pikes Place and probably stayed there for another hour or so.  I read somewhere online that the waterfall garden was something worth checking out so I started the 30 minute walk to the “garden”.  Once I got there it was the biggest bust!  It was like a alley way with like 4 miniature waterfalls.  In all fairness it was closed and I couldn’t actually go in but it didn’t seem like I actually needed to.  And then I came back.


Here are some more pictures of the trip

12 - 14

 12 - 16

12 - 15

12 - 21

12 - 4

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